Honor Guard Academy


The mission of the Cadet Honor Academy program is to prepare cadets to serve on color guards and honor guards while simultaneously furthering their individual character development.


By training cadets on the finer points of Air Force-style drill and ceremonies, the Cadet Honor Academy imparts timeless values of patriotism, community service, and personal honor.

Desired Outcomes

The Cadet Honor Academy curriculum is designed such that cadet graduates will possess:

  • Knowledge of the US flag’s history, and an awareness of critical perspectives about the flag’s role in our society including a working knowledge of the US Flag Code
  • An appreciation for the traditions of excellence that have made world-class military drill units famous
  • The skills necessary for performing drill and ceremonies with precision, over and above mere proficiency in basic drill
  • Practical guidance that enable them to exceed CAP standards in the wear of the uniform
  • Proficiency in color guard and honor guard procedures, especially for those ceremonies that a typical cadet unit will have an opportunity to perform
  • Practical guidance on how to establish squadron color guard and honor guard programs, and an understanding of some opportunities cadets have to provide services in their hometown
  • A working knowledge of the social norms expected of honorable young adults in formal social settings

Eligibility & Target Audience: All cadets in the grade of C/Amn or higher are eligible to participate. Competency in basic drill is a must (ie: facings, flanks, columns, etc.)

HGA Schedule-NCSA Summer

Forms: Cadets should submit all forms that appear on https://sites.google.com/view/mawg-encampment/parent-and-cadet-info/forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Information: If cadets or seniors have questions, they can contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 603-520-4866

Packing List: will be emailed to cadets after their registration has been accepted

Tuition: Cadet Student registration will be $250.00 Cadet Staff Registration will be $0.00 Senior Member Staff Registration will be $0.00

Number of Registrations: Cadet Students = 16 Cadet Staff = 4 Senior Member Staff = 2

HGA Schedule-South

Location and Dates:  To be annouced

Requirement: C/SrA or above, completed Basic Encampment

HGA Schedule-North

Location and Dates:  To be annouced

Requirement: C/SrA or above, completed Basic Encampment