New Language in CAPR 173-1 Regarding Credit Cards

Credit cards and credit accounts must be used for authorized purchases only. Credit cards will not be used for cash advances. Lost or stolen credit cards must be reported to the credit card issuer and the responsible unit's commander immediately. All usage must be documented with detailed (showing the amount, date, place, and essential character of each expense) receipts and submitted to the responsible unit's headquarters within 21 days of the statement closing date. Cardholders may "batch" their receipts and send a consolidated report when the credit card statement is issued. Personal expenditures are not authorized under any circumstances. All losses incurred from the use of these credit cards will be the responsibility of the approving unit. If cardholders do not submit receipts timely or any other violation of the above occurs (including personal usage), the responsible unit's Finance Committee must send the cardholder a warning letter/e-mail documenting the violation. The member is required to acknowledge receipt of the letter and his/her understanding of the violation of the credit card policy resulting in the warning letter. Any personal use of the credit card must be immediately reimbursed to the unit. Upon the third warning the card will be deactivated. Credit card accounts and individual credit cards may be closed, deactivated or revoked at any time by the commander approving the account or the card without recourse.


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