Colonel Everett Hume, Northeast Region Commander

Colonel Everett Hume joined Civil Air Patrol in October 1972 as a Cadet in the Massachusetts Wing. He earned his way through the cadet training program receiving the Earhart Award in 1975. He had a brief service interruption in service, when he became an officer in the United States Merchant Marine.

He returned to CAP and joined the Westover Cadet Squadron. After a brief period, he assumed command of the Squadron and served as its’ commander until 1988. During this period, he served ADY on Northeast Region Staff as the Assistant Director of Safety.

The Westover Cadet Squadron became the Westover Composite Squadron during his command. He was a participant in many additional activities, including combined recruitment with the USAF Recruiting Service to which he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Unit Commander. He was also involved in the initial certification by US Customs and the DEA for the Counter Drug Program.

Colonel Hume has filled many positions during his time with CAP and include:

Group Safety Officer, Group Deputy Commander, Acting Group Commander, Group Vice Commander, Wing Chief of Staff, Wing Vice Commander, Wing Commander and Region Vice Commander. He serves on the national Finance committee and is a Senior Safety advisor on the National Safety Team. He is a past member of the National Uniform Committee. He holds Master ratings in Logistics, Safety, Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, Command and Finance.

Everett is active in the CAP ES Mission and is currently qualified as a Master Mission Observer, Incident Commander, Ground Team Member, UDF Team Member, Mission Safety Officer, Mission Staff Assistant, and Counter Drug Mission Qualified. He has received numerous awards which include Distinguished Service Award, Exceptional Service Award (with clasp), Meritorious Service Award (with 2 clasps), Commander’s Commendation (Wing, Region and National) Achievement Award. His Professional Development Awards include the Gill Robb Wilson, Paul Garber Award with Silver Star, Grover Loerning Award, General Benjamin O. Davis Leadership Award, and Chuck Yeager Award.

Colonel Hume graduated from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in April 1978, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Engineering. He is a Staff Vice President with FM Global Engineering and Research in Johnston, RI.

He is married to his wife Barbara, and has three children, Brett, Kyle and Courtney and granddaughters Rylee, Willow and Kinsley and resides in Belchertown, MA.


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